Let the Orchestral Battles Begin


82 BPM02:48
outer space soundscape, dark resonant synth stabs, reverse swells, mysterious keyboard tones and mad dubstep spirals. long intro leads into enthusiastic string staccatos, gaining dramatic energy, picking up serious orchestral momentum, 82 BPM
134 BPM03:13
Dark and exciting. Modern orchestral hybrid. Equal parts heroic, tragic, and tense. A quiet piano melody wafts through clouds of warping sustains and gritty FX. Heavy braams and percussion support an anthemic wall of strings, horns, and choir. POI @ 0:23 High piano theme enters. Low synth pulse begins POI @ 0:32 Slow riser begins, gradually fading away. POI @ 0:44 Blistering warped FX. POI @ 0:53 Slow simultaneous riser and downer build to a massive percussion sting. POI @ 1:09 Low brass takes over the melody, building to a sudden cut. POI @ 1:25 String arpeggios rise to support the brass melody. POI @ 1:39 Choir enters. POI @ 1:56 Gritty warped downer exposes high tense sustains, punctuated by low braams. POI @ 2:16 Harmonic movement shifts, building in intensity. POI @ 2:39 Final frantic push to the climax. POI @ 1:51 A quiet piano melody pierces through warped sustains, building slightly to a final boom.
90 BPM02:51
The nature of forces. Impressive, battle ready soundtrack which mixes up percussive drive with an expansive orchestral delivery.
94 BPM02:44
Dark and exciting. Modern orchestral hybrid. Deep percussion hits and searing FX punctuate a massive wall of tense string rhythms, dramatic choir and dense brass. The battle rages on. POI @ 0:23 Synthetic swell reverberates out to silence. POI @ 0:31 Fast percussion roll. Ticking percussion and deep impacts begin as the string rhythms accelerate. POI @ 0:42 String rhythms rise to the front of the mix. POI @ 0:52 Horn melody emerges. POI @ 1:04 Slow riser builds to a climax, reverberating out in warping echoes. POI @ 1:17 Fast riser into heavy impact. Choir emerges in the mix. POI @ 1:54 High riser and percussion build to a deep cut, echoing out. POI @ 2:17 Heavy percussion sting. POI @ 2:21 Soft downer leads into final oscillating chord changes.
127 BPM02:09
Beneath an ominous and thundering storm builds from the seeds of hope to epic heights. Thumping drums and a powerful orchestra will leave you psyched motivated for the colossal and imminent war.
76 BPM02:18
Dark, melancholy choir over big orchestra flow with a sense of hope only to be drawn back down to darkness. Orchestra sweeps with heavy surdos playing warlike beats. The sense of hope returns as the choir and orchestra soar through air to the end. Version - Full Mix
121 BPM02:23
Warm string intro leading into dramatic and propulsing strings with a epic ending
150 BPM03:00
Conflict of civilisations. Breath-taking, sensational orchestral hybrid; starts big and grows on from there to a gripping cliff hanger.
130 BPM02:27
Ground-shaking audio bombardment. Combative dark spot with urgent insistency.
115 BPM03:03
Majestic and heroic. Modern orchestral hybrid. Grandiose melodic lines and energetic cascades of strings capture the splendor of a sweeping vista, and the amazing energy of flight. Deep percussion impacts punctuate rich brass melodies, and expansive piano and strings, accented by flourishes of rippling strings and choir. POI @ 0:16 Strings join the piano melody. POI @ 0:50 Massive percussive hit as the brass and choir begin to emerge. POI @ 1:12 High riser and deep a impact kick off a driving string rhythm. POI @ 1:31 Rippling string arpeggios cascade over heavy brass sustains. POI @ 2:02 High riser reverberates out. POI @ 2:10 Riser builds to massive downbeat, building to an anthemic ending. POI @ 2:50 Final mellow boom.
90 BPM02:30
This is it, no turning back! Dangerous and imposing with orchestral and choir hits.
131 BPM02:06
Simultaneously grand and dangerous, dark brass melodies and pulsing low orchestral strings give way to roomy, cinematic percussion for a perilously, super-heroic feel.
140 BPM02:27
Evil hybrid hits and FX build with tense dramatic strings and rolling drums into a blockbuster battle of orchestra, synths and beats.
160 BPM02:58
Strings from wall to wall. This modern dramatic thriller opens with a bold string ostinato, which propels the piece from virtually start to finish. Haunting synths, violent percussion, and evocative brass support the figure. POI @ 0:10 Violins enter. POI @ 0:17 Riser and percussive hits into first big impact. Violins rise. POI @ 0:38 Glittering riser into sparse impact. Repetitive muted synth downers. POI @ 0:48 Riser into full groove. String ostinato over busy percussion. POI @ 1:26 No groove. Long brass and string swells. POI @ 1:47 Return to full percussion groove and string ostinatos. Intensity continues to grow. POI @ 2:18 French horns lead a mighty rising line, pushing to the peak. POI @ 2:30 Riser into ending. Strings and percussion hits offset each other. POI @ 2:47 Final double-hit.
90 BPM01:53
Intense, dramatic and sweeping with dynamic strings flurrying over large industrial rises and building percussion.
110 BPM01:30
rapid string movements. maximum urgency. time is running out. dubstep spirals and electric stutters. oriental association. destruction, race against time, panic, angst. epic choir @ 1'10, D major, 110 BPM
78 BPM02:11
Orchestral - Action. Huge, marching taiko drums, commanding brass and haunting choir introduce this monstrous cinematic piece. POI :54 Energy amps up with galloping rhythm, pompous brass stabs, and more choir. POI @ 1:11 screeching, hair-raising rise leads into the alarming, frantic climax filled with oppressive staccato strings, syncopated war-drums and spooky chanting choir! Full Mix.
136 BPM02:18
Rushing staccato strings to huge and battling orchestra with 'war cry' drums. Version - Main Mix
150 BPM02:18
Be transported to the Far East along the silk road to discover the splendour and delights of Asia
132 BPM01:30
aggressive warrior march. war cries, brass stabs. drums coming in @ 0'29, thrilling staccato string movements. evolving dramatically. metal guitars @ 1'13, build-up towards the end - C minor, 132 BPM, Full Mix
65 BPM02:59
Pounding drums lead into a percolating bass guitar and synthesizer groove followed by dramatic, action-heavy orchestra.
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