Kooky Spooky


88 BPM02:04
Menacing sinister ominous creepy spine tingling spooky orchestral with theremin
129 BPM01:04
This bone-chilling version of Hush Little Baby will forever haunt that image of mother rocking baby. No vocal.
150 BPM03:30
A melodic and spooky musical motif rises and jarringly transforms into dark, minimal, beat heavy, head nodding sounds.
120 BPM02:16
Unsettling celeste melody with eerie string FX builds with dark orchestral elements, synths and percussive hits.
113 BPM02:36
Haunting and brooding with deep bass, eerie synths, pads and tense percussion.
70 BPM02:26
Dance with the spirits in this dark and otherworldly orchestral-underscore piece ghoulishly floating with hair-raising violins, eerie string rises, piano, unsettling fx, waltzing bass and echoing percussion creating an elegantly haunted, mysterious sound! May I step in? #Paranormal
92 BPM03:11
Slow, heartfelt hip hop with a heavy, dramatic, emotional vibe.
120 BPM02:13
Drama - Suspense. Horror, Cinematic, Movie, Thriller, Dance track with fun eerie FX, Halloween, Electronica, Singing Saw, Trick or Treat. Full Mix.
105 BPM01:37
Mysterious rolling piano and soft strings hint at loneliness and fear
70 BPM03:20
Out of this world sci-fi electro hip-hop. Haunting female vocals and strings glide transparently against crafted beasts and beats.
120 BPM01:40
Electronic effects, synth and percussion create the perfect mood for this foggy evening in fright town. Percussion becomes less sparse as the melody continues to ascend and build toward an end.your end. Version - Full Mix
116 BPM02:32
Camp vampiric 80's retro electro. Fangs for the memories! Version - Full Mix
94 BPM02:32
tragicomic tape-loop waltz featuring dulcimer, elegant pizzicato and alpine horns. distinctive grammophon feeling. hybrid of historic and new recordings. funny and narrative, the story of how not to do it, C minor, 94.09 BPM
105 BPM01:50
Solo - Cello - Novelty, Childrens. A quirky, spooky, but fun melody that reminds of the joys of Halloween. Full Mix. Medium tempo. BPM 105.
124 BPM01:27
Mischievous spooky piano with dulcitone, pizzicato strings and theremin. Version - Main
112 BPM02:11
Bouncy dark comedy with a theremin feature. Quirky and oddball lifestyle, sounds of the circus and unusual living. Amusing and silly science fiction.
156 BPM02:01
Quick & Determined Ska Brass With Ghostly Melody & Vox. Version - Full Mix
127 BPM03:12
Strange activity amongst the tombstones, ghostly bones moving back and forth in a macabre dance in the light of a full moon.
134 BPM01:55
speedy drama chase on stage, hysterical mime clown rushes from one place to the next with red nose and briefcase. sneaky woodwinds, strings, drum rolls, and brass, 134 BPM
83 BPM03:40
a piece for harp solo. two musical motifs deliberately circle around each other. one dark and abstract while the second sounds almost innocent, like a children's song, E-dorian b9, 83 BPM
64 BPM01:38
Mysterious, floating, pulsating, suspense, light tension, ominous, spooky, time-flow, atmosphere, an innocent fragile music box theme with an evolving foreboding ambience, filtered & morphing deep eerie drone, mystical swelling cymbals, minimal, texture, contemporary, underscore, modern, cinematic, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, promo, trailer, movie, drama, new media, explore, discover, discovery, expedition, internet, computer game, hacker, cyber, crime, investigation, suspect, suspicious, industry, science, people, human, true stories, destiny, biography, secret, mystery, twilight, psycho, psychodelic, thriller, horror, childlike, innocence, halloween, ghost, fantasy, sci-fi, tragedy, disaster, catastrophe, scary, threat, threatening, creepy, danger, dangerous, gloomy, otherworldly, obscure, lonely, lonesome, strange, memories, memory, cryptic, theme, bed
88 BPM01:37
Spooky march featuring brass, strings, theramin & glockenspeil. Version - Main
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