Face-Off: Hard Rock & Metal


143 BPM02:36
A hard hitting thrash style hard rock song.
106 BPM02:25
A high energy heavy blues rock song with classic rock leanings.
90 BPM02:28
Energetic, heavy and fierce guitar and bass riffs and pounding drums with slick, metal vocals and creepy whispers. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM01:48
Fast paced, energetic rock. Addictive beat drives lively guitars. Confident fills throughout. Unstoppable halftime at 1:19.
110 BPM01:17
Blazing fast rock track with scorching guitars, thunderous drums and massive bass, all designed to bring out the thrill seeker in you.
158 BPM02:34
Plodding garage rock with euphoric tone
173 BPM02:05
Get fired up with this blistering, rebellious guitar and drum driven track. Monster riffs layed down with furious fingers let loose over pummeling drums, thick bass and squealing leads. Rev Er Up and get out of the way! Rock - Thrash Metal. 173 BPM. Full Mix
85 BPM02:13
A powerful hard rock song bursting at the seams with attitude and swagger. Electric guitars and bass throw down an unrelenting heavy groove.
82 BPM02:45
Up tempo steady hard hitting heavy rock grunge features electric guitar AltMixv1
98 BPM01:45
This hostile, grunge-soaked rock track is plastered with electrifying guitars, high-octane drums, and supercharged bass. Seat belts recommended.
75 BPM03:10
Angry and pissed off sounding hardcore rock with low guitar riffs, driving drums and vocal screaming. Version - Full Mix
124 BPM01:49
This unruly rock track is destined for trouble-slinging super heavy guitars, fiery drums and tough gritty bass.
100 BPM02:01
Forceful, driving, attacking. Overdrive guitars blaze away, toms rolling and cymbals crashing. Huge, fierce build at 1:21.
93 BPM03:47
Bow down to this, restless, frenzied Nu-Metal track, on fire with pummeling drums, ominous detuned guitars, huge bass and screaming, histrionic vocals. Vinyl scratches add urban flavor while this funk-metal-from-hell unleashes its fury! Make Believe! Rock - Thrash Metal. 93 BPM. Full Mix
78 BPM02:01
Abrasive and bold, featuring dark electric guitar, synthesizer and drums that create a combative, captivating mood.
77 BPM01:40
Hard, fiery rock. Strong, fierce guitars and aggressive drums pound. Nothing stands in the way.
122 BPM02:18
Rock - Hard Rock, Metal. Incredibly intense and hard Nu Metal with a pounding bass drum part. Full Mix.
102 BPM02:08
Urging and rebellious, featuring edgy electric guitar, synthesizer and drums that create a bold, militant mood.
130 BPM02:01
Bass guitar takes center stage with stank-faced distortion and a groove that won't be told what to do.
90 BPM02:38
Inventive progressive rock themes combine with macho percussive loops and atmospheric effects as fiery guitar leads and vocal shouts set this track ablaze.
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