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86 BPM01:11
Investigative sounding with an inquisitive drone linger under large impacts and building with increased orchestral strings and atmospheric synthesizer effects.
126 BPM02:13
Buzzy, siren-like synthesizers pulse over building tribal percussion with low drones intensely growing to a powerful end hit.
125 BPM01:01
Drama - Human Interest. Very Corporate sounding driving electronic beat. Full Mix
140 BPM02:39
Powerful percussion blasts and a mysterious keyboard melody lead into dark, pulsing synthesizers and exciting, dynamic percussion patterns with an investigative feel.
84 BPM02:12
Shimmering strings, with eager violins, sound design & expansive drums. Cinematic woodwind @ 1:14. Dramatic landscapes & developing stories. Gripping & expansive.
123 BPM01:58
International news, global impact, exciting, dramatic, contemporary, modern, energetic, heart racing, latest news, facts, important, urgency, immediacy, relevant, reliable, major, results, necessary, current affairs
70 BPM02:35
Suspenseful and thrilling featuring swelling brass, strings, percussion and synth bass.
120 BPM02:18
Atmospheric - Corporate - News. Full Mix. BPM 120.
115 BPM01:07
Ambient hits and electrifying synthesizers build underneath short repetitive string phrases that build to a big climax.
69 BPM01:13
Serious sounding brass stabs attack over steady low strings and gradually build to a vigorous string melody. Version - Full Mix
142 BPM02:05
Harp and synthesizer effects shimmer over dramatic dark action sequences and building percussion.
126 BPM02:16
Dark and driving, featuring punchy percussion and strings that create a solemn, dismal mood.
95 BPM02:19
vibrating bass guitar and rapid ticking increasing fear and anxiety. drama strings build caution, trouble on the horizon - 95 BPM, Full Mix
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