Black History Month


105 BPM02:33
Love and kindness radiates from powerfully rapped lyrics and female vocals while grooving beats, flashy horns and funky bass and keys round out the optimistic R&B vibes. Version - Full
90 BPM02:01
Celebratory vocals combine with grooving dancehall beats and playful rhythms in this empowering reggae tune. Version - Full Mix
80 BPM02:42
Soulful lead female vocals and gospel-tinged back-up vocals spread the love in this joyful slow-groove R&B song with piano and contemporary beats. Version - Full
92 BPM02:52
Bouncy charming pop tune with flirtatious male vocals, steamy brass, animated drums, and high-spirited claps. A playful touch for any Promo, Ad, or Film. Full of life, Summer, Joyful.
115 BPM02:58
Lively Vintage Pop Tune with Funky, Fresh Electric Guitars, Bouncy Brass section, Energetic, Candy Packed Synths, and Vibrant Groovy Male Vocals sure to pump up your day with positivity! Inspirational, Fun, Travel/Vacation, Ads, On Top Of The World, Reality TV.
77 BPM02:22
A deep male vocal and steady synth patterns emphasize a rebellious mood while drums and bass ramp up the swaggering confidence in this proud hip hop track. Version - Full
102 BPM03:07
Gospel - Revival. This story of spiritual enlightenment, finds its musical roots in a traditional R&B sound that oozes emotion and conviction. It describes the undeniable fire that burns inside when the Holy Spirit enters your heart and can change the way you see everything. INSTRUMENTATION-Gospel choir, male and female soloists, drums, electric piano, Hammond organ, bass, electric guitar. Full Mix. 102 bpm.
80 BPM02:49
Jazz soul song with sensual female lead voice, mellow choir and groovy rhythmic.
111 BPM02:53
Retro Funkalicious track with Bangin' Drums, Slick Bass, Flame-Throwing Groovy Guitars, and High-Energy Soulful Male Vocals. Playful, Reality TV, Get On The Floor, Commercial, Dance, Ads.
90 BPM02:17
Smooth R&B groove beat with some seriously sexy male vocals. Classic R&B layered with a blue eyed soul flare.
115 BPM02:40
Funky Pop/Rock Summer Anthem with Slap Bass, Dynamic Funky Guitars, Retro Synths, and Rhythmic Carefree Male Vocals. Happy Go Lucky, Reality TV, Cool, Ads, Energetic, Kids, Commercial.
90 BPM02:30
R&B Soulful track with funky electric guitar, motivating piano, sparkling percussion, bounce along finger snaps, and soulful male vocals that transmit empowerment and love. Pure Emotion, Commercial, Reflective, Reality TV, Passionate, Program.
93 BPM01:58
Empowering rap over a punchy, hard hitting track of beaten up drum loops and glossy synth pulses. Version - Full Mix
84 BPM01:38
A gospel-style male lead fronts a soulful choir in this modern day hymn to hope and love, with American songbook piano accompaniment. Version - Full
155 BPM01:54
Upbeat retro pop with a funky walking bass line. Trumpets combine with vintage organ and bass for a ska vibe. Includes male vocals.
118 BPM02:55
Funky acoustic drums groove alongside energetic guitar, brass and keys while upbeat rapping flows in this electrifying throwback hip hop track. Version - Full
130 BPM02:19
Shimmy and shake to this heavy hittin', classic-soul/r&b dancefloor smasher, groovin' with bustin bass, fresh piano, swinging brass, chiming guitars and empowering, soul-drenched vocals soaring over a an exhilarating, upbeat drum groove. Let us do our thing!
78 BPM02:56
Feel the power of this dramatic and haunting symphonic hip-hop track, filled with soaring strings, cascading piano, bells, and hard-hitting drums, all underscoring impassioned sung and rapped male vocals.
138 BPM02:54
Unapologetic sports hip-hop anthem that combines triumphant brass lines with powerful male rap vocals and a catchy bass groove for a confident, anthemic track. Version - Full
0 BPM02:15
Alt Rock track.
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