Big Band Crooners


125 BPM01:56
This smokin' fast big band, rocker is loaded for action in the Vegas style. Bright lights, beautiful people and money to burn. Like the crooner in the sequined jacket says "This is the first day of the rest of your life," so live it.
185 BPM01:41
Keep the change declares our crooner as he lays claim to his little piece of The Strip, while belting out his battle cry "Here's to the good life from now on" backed by the hottest big band you've ever laid ears on.
125 BPM01:47
It's the last set, and with his tie loosened, our crooner and his band bring it down one last time to thank the audience, and send them off with these parting words "What a gas, what a scene, anything but routine, you're made my life so complete, on easy street."
130 BPM01:35
Everyone knows the hippest cat in town, the guy that's always dressed to the nines and turns every party into a happenin' scene, that's the guy they call "Mr. Cool."
122 BPM03:22
Relaxed romantic lounge jazz female vocals Vox
124 BPM02:30
Punchy big band with male vocal crooner
150 BPM02:25
Swinging positive vocal. Version - Main
88 BPM02:18
Punchy big band vocal. Version - Main
119 BPM02:33
Jazz - Big Band, Swing. Medium foxtrot with male lead vocals and female choir. Full big band with great brass section. Las Vegas style. Full Mix.
93 BPM02:13
Upbeat Dixie swing male vocals Vox
105 BPM02:13
Swinging male romantic vocal. Version - Main
124 BPM02:45
Positive male big band vocal. Version - Main
112 BPM02:13
112 BPM02:13
Sinatra type drinking song. Version - Main
142 BPM02:23
Swinging fun big band male vocals
131 BPM02:28
Jazz - Jazz - Blues feel with female vocals a la Billie Holiday. Nice piano, strings and woodwind accompaniment. Full Mix.
121 BPM03:04
Jazz - Big Band. Medium Foxtrot a la Frank Sinatra. Nice and delicate big band arrangements. Full Mix.
145 BPM02:10
Jazz - Big Band. Medium swing with male and big band arrangements. Full Mix.
155 BPM03:45
Light sultry jazzy features female vocals
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