Big And Bad


140 BPM03:05
Adventure, drama, heroic. The saga of an action hero adventure will keep you at the edge of your seat. Fast tempo. Orchestral - Score, Action. 140 BPM. Full Mix.
152 BPM02:41
Drama - Suspense. Tense intro with effects, growls, piano, and solo female vocal (0-0:55). Chanting monks enter with percussion loops, orchestra and brass hits, effects, and hits (0:55-1:13). Rise into heavy orchestral dark rock march with choir shouts, brass melody, strings, building to massive conclusion (1:13-2:05). Tag with ominous guitar obbligato punctuated with death choir effects (2:07- 2:35). 152 bpm. Full Mix.
105 BPM02:50
slowly vibrating dronescape leads to dark threatening impacts and alarming sirens. classical strings agitating, blasting brass, pounding drums, dubstep fx. menacing. sinister. gigantic hybrid-orchestra theme breaking loose @ 2'00, 105 BPM
170 BPM02:21
A dangerous and thrilling assignment; the mission is to stay alive. Hybrid orchestral sci-fi epic, big pounding rhythms from 1:05 adds a penetrating urgency.
120 BPM02:55
breathtaking vast emptiness, baffling wonder. meteorite rushes past as synths magically sparkle. crashing impact @ 1'17 launching urgent strings and bold brass. an absolutely epic choir rises to the occasion. salvation, 120 BPM
97 BPM02:39
slamming impacts, dark deep pulses, dubstep sfx, a heavenly piano melody rising from the ashes. vibrating string staccatos and heroic brass of monumental size lifting skywards. a fateful, mighty classical trailer cue arises, 97 BPM
70 BPM02:33
orchestral brilliance, strings fluttering like swan feathers, sincere oboe thread beautifully rising. swirling violins, harp, piano and a legendary latin choir intonate this hybrid-orchestra track based on the swan lake theme by pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky, 70 BPM
100 BPM02:00
Rumbling bass builds with repetitive dark string melody, leading to an epic orchestra and choir, with brass and big drum rhythms.
140 BPM03:37
Ticking clock opening leads to a rambunctious electronic action Act 2. A victorious hi paced frenzy ends the track. Low strings come in @ :11. @ :16 ring out of the high pitch ping. Industrial sound design groove starts @ :19. High strings join in @ :33. @ :46 badass synth bass takes over. @ :51 brass swell with a riser then hits @ :53. Then a giant string and sound design riser introduces the next section. @1:00 heavy hitting synth groove that builds. @ 1:28, continuous hits with giant swells. @ 1:41 low distorted tones followed by dubstep wah. @ 2:00 riser with drum hits into the next section. @ 2:30 pulsing synth that slows down in tempo then a giant riser that hits @ 2:43 with a new synth groove. @ 2:58 high energy section with synth, percussion, choir, and orchestra. @ 3:22 final tension building section. @ 3:32 low synth hits with synth bass to end the track.
130 BPM02:17
Time is of the essence. Frantic ticking supports a rush of punchy percussion, warping synths, and searing FX. POI @ 0:20 High airy FX build to a glistening twisted boom. POI @ 0:24 Ticking begins to emerge from the texture under a slow high riser. POI @ 0:36 Glitchy percussion fill with eerie organic elements. POI @ 0:40 Pulsing synths and heavy percussion groove enter. POI 1:10 Heavy groove builds to a warping sustain. POI @ 1:31 Percussion groove intensifies with additional toms and drums. POI @ 2:07 Final eerie sustain grows to a low boom.
150 BPM01:40
Ambient rise and gong effects give way to ticking percussion under intense building drums, metallic percussion, and reverse guitar effects.
109 BPM02:06
You approach your opponent alone on the battle field armed with nothing but your guts. Ominous male choir opens the piece soon accompanied by ticking percussion to add tension, enhanced by a full chanting choir, orchestra and pounding percussion midway through the piece to take it to the next level. Trailer - Orchestral - Epic. Medium. Full Mix.
90 BPM03:04
cold, analytic soundscape depicting spaced-out warped reality. distant impacts, fizzes, intense slamming synths and dubstep sfx. building. giant adventure theme bursts out @ 1'44, embracing the willpower to push through to the end, 90 BPM
120 BPM01:38
Spacey bass filter effects and hard-hitting metallic percussion create a sonic wasteland of intense action and charged scenarios.
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