Bad Boy Urban Grooves


80 BPM03:17
DJ $crilla presents; Intense. Straight outta the hood, rebellious. Epic strings backup urban trap hip hop beats and tense horns on the edge of action. Hip hop vocals
103 BPM02:18
Sax sample and handclap intro grows into an uber cool badass urban trappy beat with deep 808 sub and drums with male vocals.
71 BPM02:32
An exciting piece with distorted synths and crowd shouts.
72 BPM02:34
Energetic trap hop filled with positive and motivating vibes. With male vocals.
141 BPM03:41
DJ $crilla presents; Heavy, organic electronic, on the edge. Driving hip hop. Confident, smack down hip hop vocals.
105 BPM02:01
Ecstatic trap music with piercing synth lines, processed male vocals and heavy urban beats.
80 BPM03:35
Get the crowd HYPED with this bro-tastic, jock-rock/rap track SCREAMING with aggressive distorted guitars, pulsing strings and deep bass creeping over rockin' hip-hop/urban drums. Attitude-drenched male rappers spit game with hard-hitting bravado leading into a soaring, anthemic chorus hook @ 1:06 urging you to put your hands up and scream! Time to start the show! Hip-Hop/Rap - Sports, Basketball. 80 BPM. Full Mix.
72 BPM02:21
Pulsing guitar and synthesizer effects join military percussion and blasting brass for a spirited hip hop march with fiery rap flow amplifying street smart attitude.
87 BPM02:49
Motivational with some swagger, punchy and powerful beats with marching band drum accompaniment and slick, effect covered synths deliver a message with some street cred.
80 BPM02:29
Hard rap meets harder rock and an even harder groove with vigor coming in all forms, from overdriven vocals to shredded beats to speaker-blown guitars.
103 BPM01:58
Preparation for epicness! Aggressive grime beats laced with resounding brass stabs and stadium-ready canister horns.
182 BPM03:06
High energy and driving builds give way to growling lead sounds, infectious rhythmic patterns, and funky vocal one shots.
100 BPM02:51
heavy gritty intermittent horn & choir blasts and masculine marching beat introduce underground hip-hop with male rap vocals & fragmented epic choir samples. aggressive, no remorse! - A minor, 100 BPM, Full Mix
139 BPM02:58
The determination to win at all costs. Industrial grime beats with some glorious sub-bass drops. An electro voice motif adds to the underground vibe.
139 BPM02:15
Powerful, menacing Grime which underpins a swirling, toxic environment. Forceful strings and brass strikes with chopped up non-worded vocals lights the fire.
145 BPM02:10
Apocalyptic aerobic workout! Mash-up of imperial orchestral chords versus cinematic Hip-Hop beat for maximum impact.
133 BPM02:06
Dangerous ambience on tough streets
93 BPM00:26
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B - Urban, Electro, Club, House. 93 BPM. Full Mix.
80 BPM00:47
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B. Urban, Hiphop, Dark, Crime, Suspense, Punchy, Electronic Drums, Aggressive, Violent, Gangster, Gangsta, Medium, Prison, Slow. 80 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:31
Energetic with chanting effects and marching band percussion raising spirits over hard and heavy drum programming and filtering synth melodies.
160 BPM02:41
Multiple filtering synth melodies and heavy 808 bass create an aggressive hip-hop track with attitude and angst.
140 BPM02:34
Confident and positive sounding with sugary synthesizer textures and glossy vocal effects shimmering behind trap drum programming and big bass drops.
130 BPM02:49
Edgy and punchy with fuzz synthesizer bass melodies giving a tough tone over driving beats and glossy keyboard hits.
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