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Extreme Sports Domination!

Are you ready to get extreme?!? These new discs from the Non-Stop Producer Series are skilled in the ancient art of epicness and have a black belt in kicking ass! Composed specifically for extreme sports like UFC, WWE and X-Games, these discs have what it takes to elevate your extreme sports productions to greatness.

Coming out of the gates is Mortal Warfare – Extreme Sports (NSPS210). Your production will feel the dark fury and raw, explosive power in this rage-filled arsenal of metal/rock weapons. Sinister guitars, oppressive basses and relentless drums reign down a sonic-helllfire of full-fisted MORTAL WARFARE! This collection of badass promo and ad tracks are for the most extreme conflicts! Use with caution!!!

Not to be outdone, Bloodsport – Metal Domination (NSPS209) earned a Masters Degree in the Upper-Cut while minoring in the Chokehold! Composed by our own repeat offender Tony Dickinson, this disc delivers a sonic pummeling, with an aggressive, no-holes barred collection of metal/hardcore tracks. Searing guitars, thunderous basses and volatile drums come together in the powerful, riff-fueled fury that is BLOODSPORT!


For licensing inquires please email or call 1.888.615.8729.

Posted on November 30, 2015 in Homepage Banner, Production Music News.

Extreme Sports Domination!