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Southern Rock by 615 Platinum Series

Let your “Free Bird” flag fly, because we’re dishing out some rock n’ roll…Southern style! Our latest release is Southern Rock from 615 Platinum Series  is steeped in deep South traditions and offers up just enough sass to create a contemporary sound. We’ve added all the ingredients to concoct a sweet southern stew full of slide guitars, chickin’ pickin’, swampy bass lines and enough southern accents to fry a turkey!

Since Rock and roll was born in the South, it only seems right this disc be recorded in our Nashville studios, utilizing Music City’s finest session players. Producer Aaron Gant says, “the new Southern Rock project was a real labor of love. Just a fabulous combination of incredible musicians, talented and experienced engineers, great studios, and then taking the time to get it right (just like the Tennessee Whiskey that may or may not have been in attendance at some of the sessions).”

Growing up in North Flordia, Jerry Kimbrough, composer, couldn’t help but be drawn into the world of Southern Rock. «The Allman Brothers Band were a legendary part of the area music scene, and Lynyrd Skynyrd came from my hometown! The blending of high quality fiery musicianship with Southern themes hits me where I live, so I jumped at the chance to write for the Southern Rock project.»

Our Senior Audio Engineer, Mark Lonsway, sheds light on the recording process of the Southern Rock disc. «The process of creating the Southern Rock disc was a unique one for us. We had amazing players from all over the map; from a former drummer for Paramore, to a singer from the TV show Making the Band: INXS , to a bass player that came to our session after playing a Slayer and Iron Maiden tribute show. They were so good in fact that we actually required them to get a bit intoxicated in order to sink deep into the character of this project. It worked. Really well.»


Grab yourself some Tennessee whiskey, pour a shot and turn up your stereo! Click here to listen to the entire disc.

Posted on marzo 2, 2014 in News.

Southern Rock by 615 Platinum Series