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Non-Stop Madness


Contestant #1…Come on down! You’ve won a prize for your earholes with Classic Game Show Themes. We’re talking high energy vintage show themes for all occasions. They’re fun, they’re upbeat and guaranteed to win the jackpot every time!

Rewound is the quintessential musical trip through space and time! Rock, Electronic, Trip-Hop, Funk and Psychedelic styles collide in a post-modern, musical mash-up that will permanently alter your space-time continuum.


Footnotes is that rare collection of themes that captures everything that’s good about life. Each piece possesses it’s own unique signature that will elevate your promo, program or commercial project to it’s highest potential.

The sun is out and the fun doesn’t stop with this upbeat, sun-kissed collection of feel-good, summer-inspired tunes. Jam packed with radiant Pop, Rock, Electronic, Indie and nostalgic Retro flavors you’ll bask in the sonic-sunbeams of the Endless Summer.


Discover everything that’s right with the world as you float down this peaceful river of positive, feel-good tunes, to happy and relaxing port-of-call.
Flow is an organic collection that will transport your heart to wherever it wishes to be.

Timeless vocal expressions like year-ay, whoa-oh and ay-ah have never said as much as they do now in Empires Fall – Voice Activated! These expressive vocals shine as they soar over stages and arenas in these emotionally engaging tracks. The perfect resource for ads, promos and in-program usage.

E-mail or call 1.888.615.8729 for licensing opportunities.

Posted on octubre 4, 2016 in Film/TV, News.

Non-Stop Madness