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Glory Oath + Blood – Fearless

GOB - Fearless - 1600x320

Redefining the new sound of modern action trailers, Fearless is a relentless thrill-ride of dazzling electronics and blazing orchestral power. Featuring a live orchestra and the talents of some of today’s hottest epic electro artists. Every track burns with white hot energy and un-apologetic badass-itude. Cool and devilishly fun. Suspenseful and dramatic. Because dangerous is sexy. Because you only live once. Charge into the flames with Glory Oath + Blood and become the legend!

Robert Bennett commented on Fearless by saying, “Our goal on Fearless was to combine my orchestral skills with the talents of some of today’s hottest epic electro artists. We created an album that has a fun, super modern feel…but is epic in the way only a giant live orchestra can deliver.” Rob is certainly right about the epicness of the live orchestra. This disc was recorded in Budapest with a truly massive orchestra and choir consisting of 136 musicians. Rob and the team actually set a record in Budapest for the largest string ensemble ever assembled by a contractor! Production for this disc took and entire year, but it was definitely worth the wait!

In this video, the composers discuss their unique collaborative process and how together, they created something greater than they could have on their own. It also features some footage from the epic live orchestral recording session, directed by our own Rob Bennett. Check it out below:

Listen to Fearless. For licensing inquiries email David Epstein or call 1.310.441.8918.

Posted on April 15, 2016 in Film/TV, Homepage Banner, News, Trailers, Video Game Trailer Music.

Glory Oath + Blood – Fearless