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Full Tilt – Trailer Tools Vol. 5 – Machine Head


Non-Stop Trailers presents Full Tilt Trailer Tools Vol. 5 – Machine Head. This new trailer disc provides a complete set of trailer tools from impacts, risers and swells to full-on musical themes with cutting edge approach and futuristic sound design. The release is aimed at editors, music supervisors and other media needs. The cues derive influences from industrial, orchestral, future bass and aggressive electronica. The release is ideal for motion picture advertisement with an array of genres from action, horror, post-apocalyptic to super hero and science fiction.

There are 100 unique titles/themes with an additional 230 mixouts for a total of 330 cuts. Because of how these “tools” were written and constructed, there are infinite editing opportunities for our clients to mix and match these 300 pieces in any order, to create their own custom cues, each with it’s own unique pacing and dynamics.

The project is divided into seven groups:

1. 10 – Dramatic Beds (1:40 – 3:25) These are slow-burn, dramatic rises/endings.
2. 20 – Rises (0:17 – 1:15) Very Dramatic Rise SFX.
3. 20 – Whooshbangs (0:10 – 0:15) What’s a Whooshbang you ask? Fairly rapid rises that end in a hit/bang and trails off.
4. 11 – Epic Hits (:05 – :10) Huge, short hit SFX that resolve quickly to a hit.
5. 14 – Deep Sub Hits (:05 – :10) Deep SFX hits that hit and trail off.
6. 11 – Metal Hits (:05 – :10) Sharp, metallic hit SFX with decay.
7. 14 – Reverse Wipes (:05 – :10) Rise SFX that quickly build in reverse and stop.

Listen to Trailer Tools Vol. 5 – Machine Head. For licensing inquiries email David Epstein or call 1.310.441.8918.

Posted on April 11, 2016 in Film/TV, News, Trailers.

Full Tilt – Trailer Tools Vol. 5 – Machine Head