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Bringing The Funk!

The funk has arrived. The new music has gone as far to take over our bodies and stand us up from our desks and compulsively start shaking our thang. The funk does not care who you are or what you do. It will find you…and it will make you dance. The best way to prepare yourself is with plenty of hydration, stretching and knowledge of the funk in all its varieties. Be aware, these types of funk are coming for you. They are New York Street Funk from Pedigree Cuts, Funk Boutique from Perfect Pitch and Breakbeat 45’s from Pedigree Cuts. You’ve been warned.

PEDF086 PP038 PEDF087

New York Street Funk from Pedigree Cuts is uptown grooves and downtown jams. All thanks to Shawn Lee and his studio, of course. This collection of cuts comes on like a batch of gems from the classic days of funk, ranging from disco movers to backstreet shakers. Who’s that? Why, it’s Shawn Lee dropping in to show off the studio where he recorded this album! Take it from here, Shawn.

Funk Boutique from Perfect Pitch gives you the funk the way you like. Greasy. This psychedelic funk stew blends elements of blaxploitation, latin funk, steamy southern funk and much more. Composer, Paul Elliot said, “The idea behind this record was to create music with a 70s funky feel, but slow it down a touch, add a more contemporary drum sound but keep the melodic and percussive parts real – maybe one or two take for each instrument when recording, so it sort of feels like you are listening to guys playing rather than totally produced music.” Testify, Paul!

Breakbeat 45’s from Pedigree Cuts was written and composed by U.K. funk band, The Olympic Cyclone Band. This collection of 70’s flavored funk will keep just the right amount of low key groove in your sync and maintain a veneer of retro cool at all times.

Plenty more funk where that came from. Dig on our “Funk” playlist.

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Posted on July 7, 2016 in Film/TV, News.

Bringing The Funk!