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What’s New at WCPM UK?

The past two months have been extremely busy here at the Warner/Chappell Production Music offices in London. With two new team members, 32 album releases and a number of featured syncs, time seems to have flown by. Below are some of the highlights from the past month.


Spotlight New Release: Psychic Film and TV
We are very excited and happy to announce our collaboration with ‘Lucky Number Music’ on the latest CPM album, ‘Psychic Film and TV’. Inspired by the greatest hits of electronica, ‘Psychic Film and TV’ has a clear and original organic edge that brings fusion to the forefront. Crafted alongside the cutting edge players from eclectic sources and the ‘Lucky Number’ stable of writers, this album consciously presents strong thread and depth to unpack with each play.

We are proud to say that this will be the start of ongoing relationship with ‘Lucky Number Music’ and are excited for the new possibilities this album release may bring!


Featured Syncs

The Mummy
‘The Mummy’ makes its electric entrance this year to the big screen alongside Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. It’s a pleasure to see ‘Sandstorm’ from the orchestral action album ‘Abrasion’ (RESL026) be featured in the promo leading up the film release!

Star Wars: Build-A-Bear
As the 40th anniversary of Star Wars looms near, it is an absolute honour to be featured on this cuddly promo for the Build-A-Bear Star Wars campaign featuring our track ‘Out Of This World’ from ‘English Songbook’ (CAR433).


Upcoming Releases: Sneak Peak

2nd Foundation Music – Emotional Strings (2FM024)
When a Harp and a violin ensemble combine with the creative minds of Darryl Griffith and Bradley Farmer, ‘Emotional Strings’ is born. Check out the behind the scenes footage from this release!

Selma Mutal Introduces ‘IND022 Cinematic Piano’ (Indie Sonics)
With acclaimed credits under her belt (including Best Original Soundtrack Award at the International Film Festival of Annonay for ‘UNDERTOW’), Selma Mutal is no stranger to creating atmospheric compositions. It’s a pleasure to have Selma introduce the upcoming release from Indie Sonics ‘IND022 Cinematic Piano’.


New Team Members
Please join us in welcoming Fatema Jairaj and Fabienne Brauns to the London production music team. We are very happy to have both Fatema and Fabienne on board, and are excited to see what they’ll bring to the team!


The Warner Music Wild Stride Challenge
Our very own Tim and Chris are taking part in ‘Warner Music’s Wild Stride’ 2017 on Friday 9th June. On the day, they’ll be facing an estimated 10 hour 5,600ft combined ascent across six peaks in the Lake District – all in the name of charity! All the proceeds will be donated to Centrepoint, a charity dedicated to transforming the lives and futures vulnerable young people and young families facing homelessness in London.

Please wish Tim and Chris the best on their journey to the top and feel free to donate to the cause!

Posted on April 24, 2017 in News.

What’s New at WCPM UK?