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How Does Production Music Work?

What is Production Music?

Production Music is music produced in a variety of styles and genres, and is easily cleared and licensed for use in any application. Because it’s non-exclusive, it’s a lower cost option than custom music for most clients while still retaining the high quality of the music you’re looking for.

Production Music can highlight or intensify your vision and strengthen your brand. It is used everywhere and can be found in News broadcasts, TV commercials, TV shows, Radio broadcasts, Movie Trailers, Online videos, Local Television broadcasts, Video Games and more!

What is Custom Music?

Custom Music is original music written or altered especially for a client. Find out more about Custom Music and how Warner/Chappell Production Music can create an original masterpiece just for your project! When you’re ready, give us a call at +44 (0)20 7938-5559 to get started.

General Information

How many tracks or libraries does Warner/Chappell Production Music have?

Great question! We are one of the leading Production Music companies in the world, with over 190,000 tracks spanning over 80 individual Music Libraries.

How do I get started?

We’re here to help and we would love to answer your questions. Visit our Contact Page. Call us, email us at, or fill out our Support form online…no matter what, we’ll get you taken care of quickly and easily!

Where does your music come from?

We have two state-of-the-art recording studios, located in Salt Lake City and Nashville. In addition, we work with talented composers, musicians and producers around the world to get our signature level of quality. Take a look at Our Studios.

Is Warner/Chappell Production Music a royalty-free library?

No, we are not a royalty-free library, as our composers and writers do receive royalties on their work.

Is Warner/Chappell Production Music a buyout library?

No, Warner/Chappell Production Music’s libraries are “per-use” libraries for license only. We also license tracks or libraries on a yearly or multi-year basis. We can work with any budget.

I have a project I’m working on, but don’t know what music to use! Can Warner/Chappell Production Music help?

Of course! Between your Licensing Representative and our two full-time Music Supervisors on staff, we WILL find you the right music for your project!

I can’t find the right music for my project; can Warner/Chappell Production Music compose a track for me?

Yes, we can. We can deliver what you need quickly, effectively and most importantly, creatively, for almost any musical need. See “What Is Custom Music?” above.

Does Warner/Chappell Production Music professionally master its tracks?

Since we pride ourselves on the highest audio quality, we professionally master all of our tracks.


What is a license?

A license is the right, granted by the copyright holder, for a given person or entity to use copyrighted work. A license allows you to use a recording of a musical work with in conjunction with other audio, video or live elements.

Why do I have to license music for my productions?

Since music is considered Intellectual Property, a license must be obtained from the owner before music is used for any production.

What is a blanket license?

When a client has a blanket license, this means they can use an unlimited amount of tracks from our libraries for their production (subject to the terms of the agreement they have with us). The fee for this license is usually a flat fee and is based upon numerous different elements such as number of libraries licensed, length of agreement; broadcast vs. non-broadcast, etc.

What does “needledrop” mean?

A “needledrop” is a specific type of license that allows the licensing party to use a piece of music one time in one production, and carry that license for a predetermined amount of time. It’s called a needledrop because it allows you to “drop the needle” (as in records, if you can remember them!) once on your production. Once you change that production in any way, another license is required.

When we use your music, do we need to contact the performing rights organization?

Most likely you will not have to, as that responsibility falls on the cable station, radio, TV or other media outlet on which your project is being broadcast. In some cases, these venues may not have a performance agreement with the local performing rights organization. If this is the case then you may need to obtain a Performance License directly from Warner/Chappell Production Music. Don’t worry, your Licensing Director can help!

How much does it cost to license a track or library?

The cost of a license will vary depending on how and where the music is used. For any questions regarding licensing please call +44 (0)20 7938-5559 to speak to one of our Directors of Licensing.

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