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Our Catalogues – Outstanding Production Music Catalogues

With us you are spoilt for choice. We have one of the world's largest collections of library music covering every style, genre or mood imaginable. Below is a list of what we have available in the UK. We are very proud of each and every label. Feel free to contact us if you need us to search through them for you. There is no fee for this.

Licensing – All our library music is registered as PRS Production Music and as such must be licensed via them. More info on our Licensing Page.

Playlists – Don't know where to start? Check out some of our hand picked featured playlists.

  • 2nd Foundation Music

    2nd Foundation Music

  • 615 Platinum Series

    615 Platinum Series

  • Acoustitracks


  • Anarchy Music

    Anarchy Music

  • Attitude


  • AudioActive


  • Basstone Music

    Basstone Music

  • Café Moondo

    Café Moondo

  • Cinema Sound Tools

    Cinema Sound Tools

  • Color TV

    Color TV

  • CPM


  • Ear Drum

    Ear Drum

  • Elbroar


  • Elephant Music & Sound Design

    Elephant Music & Sound Design

  • EMH Classical Music Library

    EMH Classical Music Library

  • Enterprises Sonor

    Enterprises Sonor

  • Essential Elements

    Essential Elements

  • Full Tilt

    Full Tilt

  • GAS


  • Glory Oath + Blood

    Glory Oath + Blood

  • Gold Series

    Gold Series

  • Graphic Sound Design

    Graphic Sound Design

  • Gravity


  • Groove Addicts

    Groove Addicts

  • Ignite


  • Impressive Minds

    Impressive Minds

  • Indiesonics


  • Infini


  • Kingsize


  • Massive Bass

    Massive Bass

  • Mathambo


  • Metro


  • MidCoast Music Artist Songs

    MidCoast Music Artist Songs

  • MidCoast Music Wired

    MidCoast Music Wired

  • Mind Benders

    Mind Benders

  • Minimal Music

    Minimal Music

  • Naked Music

    Naked Music

  • Non-Stop Premiere

    Non-Stop Premiere

  • Non-Stop Producer Series

    Non-Stop Producer Series

  • OIL


  • One Air Time

    One Air Time

  • Perfect Pitch

    Perfect Pitch

  • Piano For Film

    Piano For Film

  • Production TRX

    Production TRX

  • Promo Accelerator

    Promo Accelerator

  • Really Slow Motion Music

    Really Slow Motion Music

  • Revolución


  • Scaremeister


  • Score TRX

    Score TRX

  • Scoring Stage Music

    Scoring Stage Music

  • Silent Methods

    Silent Methods

  • Special Request Library

    Special Request Library

  • Tenth Dimension (Sencit)

    Tenth Dimension (Sencit)

  • The X-motion

    The X-motion

  • TRX Music Library

    TRX Music Library

  • Ultimate Crime & Drama

    Ultimate Crime & Drama

  • V – The Production Library

    V – The Production Library

  • Warner Chappell Music Italiana

    Warner Chappell Music Italiana

  • Who Did That Music?

    Who Did That Music?

  • Xtortion Audio

    Xtortion Audio