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MidCoast Music Wired

The Production Music you want, the way you want it. MidCoast Music Wired.

Wired gives you one composition in three edit friendly versions so you have complete control over your music like never before. With Wired you’re not stuck with single tracks and no versatility. All versions of each track are in the same key and tempo, and all have multiple edit points allowing you to customize a mix that suits your production perfectly!

Format – Three distinct, interchangeable versions – Main, Revamped & Rewired – One composition-multiple uses (edit friendly – Feature Packed Tracks)

Edit friendly features
• Multiple Dramatic Dynamic Edit Points
• Isolation of Elements
• Loop-able Sections
• Each version dramatically unique, shifting instruments carrying the theme
• Same key/tempo throughout for seamless editing
• Live original Source content throughout

Main (Promo) – Peak endings at :29 and :59 with Multiple Dramatic Dynamic edit points
ReVamped (Background) – Alternate mix and often times alternate instrumentation. Great for VO! Peak @ 1:59
ReWired (Remix) – Features peaks at :29 and :59. A completely new twist in the spirit of remix, sound design and electronica.

:30 Promos of each version provided for quick playlists.

Each of the songs on MidCoast Music’s Wired volumes includes the following versions:

• Main (Promo)
• Main :30 Arrangement
• ReVamped (Background Performance/Underscore/Variation)
• ReVamped :30 Arrangement
• ReWired (Remix)
• ReWired :30 Arrangement

With 6 versions to mix-and-match every song in MidCoast Music’s Wired is like a musical Lego® kit!

MidCoast Music Wired