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Celebrating ’18th Annual Golden Trailer Awards’ Nominations!

18th Annual Golden Trailer Awards
Trailers play a vital role in creating a snapshot story, captivating and intriguing the attention of the everyday cinema goer. Through carefully selecting and crafting image sequences and music tracks, editors work tirelessly to summarize in-depth narratives in just a few minutes. It is only fitting therefore to celebrate the hard work, dedication and creativity that producers and editors contribute to the film.

This year we are excited to see Zealout UK nominated at The Annual Golden Trailer Awards; featuring a few of our very own tracks. Check out the nominated trailers below!

The Worthy

Nominated for ‘Best Foreign Action Trailer’, ‘Best Foreign Teaser’, & ‘Most Original Foreign Trailer’ – featuring ‘Dead Man Walking’ (RESL018).
Swallows & Amazons

Nominated for the ‘Best Foreign Animation Trailer’ – featuring ‘Oh The Places’ (TDv6) & ‘Gates Of Pearl’ (RESL022).
Congratulations to Zealout UK for being nominated for the 18th Annual Golden Trailer Awards!

Posted on June 1, 2017 in News.

Celebrating ’18th Annual Golden Trailer Awards’ Nominations!