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Are you ready for your sonic electro-shock therapy? Just like all the trendy electronic tracks, we just dropped three brand new EDM discs for your dancing pleasure! “Hands Up! – EDM! – Festival Electronic” from Non-Stop Producer Series, “Essential EDM” from Frameworks Music and “Electronic Dance Music” from Interpulse are all here and ready to hit the festival circuit.

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“Hands Up! – EDM! – Festival Electronic” – Put your hands in the air and jump to this electrifying, pulsing collection of bombastic EDM/Dance tracks! From bass-drenched bangers to pounding techno anthems and euphoric trance you’ll feel the weight of this sonic arsenal. This disc is the brainchild of composers Joe Gileadi, Josh Holyoak and Jamen Brooks. Joe Gileadi said, “This project has given me the opportunity to explore and experiment with some amazing musical elements; boundless with creative freedom. I’m really pleased with the turnout.” Jamen Brooks echoed the same sentiment by saying, “As a producer/composer these tracks h ave been extremely fun and rewarding to create. Experimenting with modern synths, big sounds and capturing the intense energy of current EDM, you can’t help but get into it.”

“Essential EDM” – This energetic disc comes from Europe, which is the homeland of electronic music. “Essential EDM” was written by DJ Queens Road and was produced by Lindsay Tomasic. Together, they conceptualized an assortment of EDM styles that would resonate with advertising, TV and film producers who are tuned in to EDM. Recorded in his studio in Germany and mastered in Los angeles, this music mirrors the most current sounds happening in EDM today!

“Electronic Dance Music” – This new disc is not afraid to bring the heat…heck, it was created in the jungles of Colombia! If you’re looking for accurate festival and club EDM then look no further. Created by Ivan Panqueva and Giorgio Draisci, this disc delivers a sound conceived by actually DJ’ing in clubs with the idea that something this legit sounding would be well suited for big brands looking for the trendiest and latest sounds! Check out the video of Ivan and Giorgio busting out “Emotions” in the club!

For licensing inquires please email or call 1.888.615.8729.

Posted on June 1, 2015 in Film/TV, Production Music News.