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Audio Recognition Technology –

Randy Wachtler, President of 615 Music and Chairman of the PMA, had a quote in “Hey, Is That Your Song?” (Music Industry Newswire). The article talks about new technologies being used to track music usage around the world.

“The new fingerprint technologies from companies such as Landmark, Tunesat and others, are exciting for the PMA (Production Music Association) members because for the first time in history we’re getting a more complete idea of where our music is performed,” says PMA Chairman, Randy Wachtler. “I applaud ASCAP, BMI and SESAC for getting behind this technology and bringing even betters ways to track their members’ music.”

As was mentioned in an earlier column, the PMA has pushed for breakthroughs in the metadata that can be embedded or encoded into music tracks. As Wachtler noted, “The PMA, with the help of the PROs, has developed a metadata standard to help new production music libraries encode in a way that is acceptable to the PROs and help establish a standard for the industry.” You can view the standard at the PMA’s site,

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Posted on February 24, 2010 in Production Music News.

Audio Recognition Technology –