Minimal 3 - Evolving & Moving

Minimal 3 - Evolving & Moving
Volume CPM4586
Album Title Minimal 3 - Evolving & Moving
Description An exciting modern collection of inspirational and carefully crafted acoustic minimalist scores featuring strings, piano, tuned percussion, mallets, plucked instruments and small hybrid orchestral ensembles. Unfolding emotional confidence, hope and motivation, rhythmically pulsating & forward moving tracks perfect for modern documentaries, factual programs, reports, magazines, journalism, news stories, education, science, arts, creative advertising, design, innovation, time lapse, corporate, human interest and nature. Top-quality sound design & audio mastering in a voiceover friendly format.
Released May 24, 2018
Tracks 20
Usage Advertising, Arts, Business/Corporate, Documentary, Travel/Vacation, Nature/Wildlife/The Elements
Label CosMind Production Music

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