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Non-Stop Producer Series – Bad Ass Themes (Preview)

Step aside, because ALL HELL’S about to break loose! Powered by raging drums, bombastic guitars and a blazing live horn section, these Retro, Action, Suspense, Drama themes have Bad Ass plastered all over them! From petty theft to grand larceny, you’ll hit pay dirt with these gritty, noir soundtracks. Fast-Paced, Action, Adventure, Noir, Crime, Suspense, Drama, Spy, Promo, Ad, Program, Documentary. Alternate mixes with 30sec and 15sec edits.

Get a sneak peek of this album with “Petty Theft” before it drops on Sept 30th!

Filed under Film Trailer Music, Film/TV, Production Music News

Posted on September 26, 2017

Non-Stop Producer Series – Bad Ass Themes (Preview)