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Your Music for Africa!

A specialized Production Music label, Mathambo Music is produced in South Africa with some of the finest session musicians and singers available. Our composers are either native to Southern Africa or worked as active musicians in the territory for most of their formative musical years. This experience naturally enhances a unique creative approach to the compositions and recordings.

While Mathambo catalogue is African based and naturally, perfectly suited to programs relating to the African continent, the majority of titles are also incredibly effective when used in other production types and applications.

Tracks are generally thematic in nature and unless specified on the CD’s, seldom linked to a particular African group or geographic location. Vocals used in the music productions are also largely incidental chants or feel-good vocalizations, without direct association or meaning…giving you even greater scope for varied production use. Universal themes are applied on the odd occasions when an African language is actually used in a lyrical context. Optional backtrack mixes of titles without vocals are also available.