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We’ve got the BEST Trailer Catalogues

Yep, that’s right, our trailer labels kick ass. In the last couple of weeks we’ve bought in a load of new trailer placements!
with all of our huge trailer labels as well as specific sound design libraries such as Cinema Sound Tools, Elephant Sound Design, and Graphic Sound Design, we’ve one of the UK leaders in the trailer markets. Here are a selection of the new placements we’ve picked up over the last month:

Swallows & Amazons Theatrical Trailer
Using: ‘Oh The Places’ (TDv6), ‘Gates Of Pearl’ (RESL022

Swallows & Amazons TV Spot
Using: ‘Oh The Places’ (TDv6)

Laid In America Trailer:
Using Sound Design: ‘Terror Streak Hit’ (GOB007), ‘Sisboomb’ (NSPSTLS01), ‘Weinerdog’ (ELEFAT505)

Mechanic: Resurrection Theatrical Trailer
Using Sound Design: RSM Horn – Horn B (RESL010)

Posted on August 3, 2016 in News.

We’ve got the BEST Trailer Catalogues