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CPM’s New Releases

Our biggest UK label, CPM, has been busy producing some amazing albums in recent months! Here is a short overview of some recent releases:


CAR487 Lipstick Heroines

Wild, riot girl inspired indie punk featuring fierce female vocals and catchy guitar hooks.

Wayne Murray is the touring guitarist with the Manic Street Preachers.
Tim Larcombe is a songwriter & producer who has written & produced on
Lana Del Rey’s debut album ‘Born To Die’ as well as the Halsey’s album ‘Badlands’.
Toby MacFarlaine is the touring bass player in Graham Coxon’s band & the lead singer of his Grunge band ‘Owls’.
Lana McDonagh is a singer songwriter from Brighton. Her band TROVES released their debut single ‘Youth In Decay’ on the prestigious Nude record label & have enjoyed radio play across the board, from Radio 1 to Xfm & beyond!

Digital Booklet: http://wcpmuk.com/cpm/car487/
Stream Full Album: http://search.warnerchappellpm.com/main/?searchtext=volume[CAR487]&0


CAR485-486- Beginnings, continnum

Beginnings = Dramatic hybrid film trailer epic aided by some wondrously lush electronics.
Continuum = Deep and thought-provoking film genres with dramatic and theatrical fantasy twist.

These two albums feature over 105 musicians, comprising of a 65 piece orchestra and 40 piece choir.
All recorded in Budapest and mastered at the world famous Metropolis Studios, London.

This album sees the introduction of a new composer who has chosen to work under the elusive name of HUMAN ORIGIN.
You’ve seen this name first, they will be heading some big films shortly!

As a special feature we have a small run of physical copies.
The demand for these is already high so please get your order in early.

Digital Booklet: http://wcpmuk.com/cpm/car485car486/
Stream Full Album (Beginnings): http://search.warnerchappellpm.com/main/?searchtext=volume[CAR485]&0
Stream Full Album (Continuum): http://search.warnerchappellpm.com/main/?searchtext=volume[CAR486]&0



Hypnotic leftfield electronica combing intimate field recordings with crafted sonic atmospherics. 82 total mixes!
Lots of sub alternative arrangements that simple and sparse… Promo edits including 30’s and stings.

WRITER: Shea Stedford
Asking Shea about this collection of tracks he says it is, “about merging the dark with the light; finding a happy medium between the ugly and the beautiful
representing science and nature in its best and worst cases within each track”.
The fusion of field recordings and electronics stand out. Commenting; Shea describes his love for, “ambience of real life sounds, especially in electronic music. I feel it helps to humanise and personify sound; it’s haunting but at the same time reassuring”.
He concludes by offering, “this is a body of work which hopefully speaks to everyone in a different way but sparks emotion”

Digital Booklet: http://wcpmuk.com/cpm/car484/
Stream Full Album: http://search.warnerchappellpm.com/main/?searchtext=volume[CAR484]&0


CAR483 future shock

Dystopian awakenings. An electro hybrid of twisted sound design meets forceful impact trailers.91 individual cues featuring alternative and bespoke underscore arrangements offering deeply contrasting moods and tensions.

WRITERS: Udi Harpaz, Amir Gurvitz
Udi comments on the drive behind this project; “we were first thinking of something unusual and fresh that has hardly been heard before. We’ve looked for different rhythmic patterns while making thedeployment of sounds both intense and suspenseful”.
On the extensive use of sound design Amir brings forward;
“Our techniques span varied synthesis skills such as FM & granular through to the manipulation of real-world sounds. The sonic control was then mostly designed during the arrangement process”.

On the hopes of how this album could be used Assaf says, “This album is cinematic; with its wide dynamic range it can go from a first person perspective
through to being simply epic and explosive”.

Digital Booklet: http://wcpmuk.com/cpm/car483/
Stream Full Album: http://search.warnerchappellpm.com/main/?searchtext=volume[CAR483]&0

Posted on June 20, 2016 in CPM, News.

CPM’s New Releases