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April Sync Highlights!

By on Apr 29, 2016

We’ve been a busy bunch here over the past month… Here a few of the sync’s we’ve worked on over the last few weeks: Clarks Advert – Disney Zootropolis Campaign Using Headshot (FTTT003A) Cineworld Advert – Michael’s #CineworldUnlimited Story Using Armada (NSPRSW01) BBC...

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A Hologram For The King

By on Apr 11, 2016

We LOVE Tom Hanks! His newest blockbuster ‘A Hologram For The King’ is set to be released in May, and we feature in the trailer! Our track ‘Invisible World’ (CAR466) kicks off the newest trailer which shows Tom Hank’s character travel to Saudi Arabia in an interesting business...

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Promax BDA Europe WINNER!

By on Mar 18, 2016

A producer we work with has won a Promax BDA Europe Golden Gong! He won it for the ‘My Reality’ promo series which aired on CBS Reality channel. Some of the award winning promo series used CPM track ‘The Still’, from Spaces (CAR466).

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By on Feb 25, 2016

We’re Recruiting! There are currently two open roles at WCPM UK: Warner/Chappell Production Music UK Sales and Marketing Manager The Sales & Marketing Manager will play a key role within the Production Music Team and will be responsible for managing, promoting and growing the brand within the...

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Really Slow Motion Game Trailers

By on Feb 19, 2016

XBOX or Playstation? It’s the age old argument that splits friendship groups in the playground (and offices…) Well, whatever you prefer (I personally prefer Nintendo 64), we’ve got a selection of some wicked game trailers below that Really Slow Motion have picked up over the last few...

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The Call Up – Trailer

By on Feb 10, 2016

The Trailer for ‘The Call Up’ has been released and we’re happy to announce that Jaeger (RESL008) features! The film follows a group of online gamers who are invited to try a state-of-the-art virtual reality video game. Howewver, things take a turn for the worse when these masters of...

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Reebok Korean Advert

By on Feb 5, 2016

Are Reebok Classics cool in Korea? They seem to be in this advert which uses CPM track, ‘Ink’ from Dark Indie Pop (CAR470). What a sync!

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2nd Foundation & Indiesonics join WCPM

By on Feb 1, 2016

WCPM UK welcomes TWO new libraries into the family! 2nd Foundation Music & Indiesonics are both UK based labels with a wealth of experience in production music. 2nd Foundation Music 2nd Foundation Music is a catalogue of high-end acoustically-based compositions developed for use in film and TV. Created...

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Spotlight – TV Spot

By on Jan 14, 2016

Spotlight has been nominated for 116 awards worldwide, including 6 Oscars, and have so far picked up 84 winners trophies… The TV trailer below uses Hypocrisy from Full Tilt’s album, Leviathan (FTLV001). Spotlight is released in UK cinemas on Friday 29th January.

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Film Trailer Music – Everest Trailer

Film Trailer Music – Everest Trailer

By on Sep 29, 2015

Do you hear that heart beat in this TV spot for Everest? That’s “Heart Attack” from Full Tilt, and you better believe our hearts would be beating even louder if we were actually up there!

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