CBS Enforcer News Music Package

Gari News Music

As one of America's most recognized Sonic Brands, respected stations choose Enforcer as their sonic news brand. Gari Music’s Enforcer is the one the industry has come to rely upon as the definitive version of this signature. Originally created for the CBS O&Os, Enforcer is now available for any station on a market-exclusive basis.

Built on a dynamic signature that evokes immediate respect and trust, from traditional, bold, orchestral arrangements to rockin' sports tracks…there’s so much variety, it's like a mini library catalog just for your newscast! Included are sound design elements and stingers, all built into one package.

Over 1100 dynamite tracks to choose from. If you are looking for a music package that will set you apart and drive ratings success, there’s only one choice….the Enforcer.

CBS Enforcer V.2 (5 themes, up to 150 cuts)
Upbeat, timely, modern, the perfect update to one of the most popular news music packages in the world.
CBS Enforcer V.1 (164 themes, over 1,100 cuts)
A dynamic signature that evokes respect with styles ranging from traditional to bold to rockin' sports tracks.

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